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  • What information is required to complete a Background check?

To complete a background check, all coaches must register online in order to agree to the background check authorization and disclosure. This registration will include any required data fields needed by your State Association or Club/League, and require a Social Security number and electronic signature.

  • What happens if I coach multiple teams in the same club or teams in other clubs?

If you coach multiple teams in the same club, you will only need to register once. You will select the Coach Poolcategory during your online registration which will allow your administrator to assign you to multiple teams. If you are coaching in multiple clubs, you will need to register with each club. However, your background check application and approval will carry over regardless of where you register.

  • Do we need two seperate accounts if I have a child that will be registering for the same club or league?

No. The simplicity of US Soccer Connect allows a family to have a single account to manage and still be able to register to both player and coach events for all family members.

  • Do coaches and team admins have the ability to print medical releases and rosters?

Yes, as long as your club administrator has enabled Team Connect for your team(s). You can print rosters and medical releases from the Roster tab.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.